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December 29, 2016

GTL INFRAST ( 532775 )

Hot Stocks from for 30th Dec 16
532775(GTL INFRAST ), 530773(IVRCL LTD ), 524444(KAVITIND ), 532694(BARTRONICSIN), 532321(CADILA HEALT), 500110(CHENNAI PET.), 511676(GIC HOUSING ), 506261(MODISON MET.), 533344(PTCFIN SER ), 522285(JAY NECO IND), 532684(EVEREST KANT), 538598(VISHAL ), 526544(SCANP GEOM ), 516022(STAR PAPER ), 517569(KEI INDUST. ), 511688(MATHEW EASOW), 532904(SUPREME INFR), 532894(IWIND ENERGY), 590066(KCP LTD ), 532899(KAVERI SEED ).
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