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January 3, 2016

SHIVA CEMENT ( 532323 )

Hot Stocks from for 4th Jan 16
532323(SHIVA CEMENT), 500850(INDIAN HOTEL), 500314(ORIENT HOTEL), 507490(RANA SUGARS ), 532850(MIC ELECTRON), 531499(SYBLY INDS. ), 533103(JINDALCOTEX ), 532918(RATHI BARS ), 500013(ANSAL INFRAS), 533204(MANDHANA ), 532716(GILLA ARBUT ), 506520(JAYSHRI CHEM), 530883(SUPER CROP. ), 532705(JAGRAN PRAK ), 506525(KANORIA CHEM), 531201(SHILCHAR TEC), 500220(JASCH INDUST), 533499(BGLOBAL ), 532748(PRIME FOCUS ), 531453(MOHIT INDUS.).
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