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November 16, 2015

RTNINFRA ( 534597 )

Hot Stocks from for 17th Nov 15
534597(RTNINFRA ), 512301(CHAMBAL BREW), 531633(LINCOLN PHAR), 536799(SRS FINANCE ), 533543(BROOKS LABS ), 511630(SAMBHAAV MED), 533228(SKS MICRO ), 524226(GUJ AMB EXP ), 500093(CROMPT.GREAV), 530355(ASIAN OILFIE), 512299(STERL.BIOTEC), 509550(GAMMON INDIA), 500336(SURYA ROSHNI), 533144(COX KINGS ), 500227(JINDAL POLYF), 523696(FORTIS MLR ), 524000(MAGMA FIN ), 521062(OCTAVE ), 532230(BENGAL TEA ), 526687(POLO HOTELS ).
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